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Overheard at the Art Festival

For the last couple of years, I have been making notes of the things that I hear, or people say to me in my booth at art fairs. Here are some of the highlights.

Greetings from Buffalo!  Quote of the day (so far) “I’ve been coming to this arts festival for 20 years and have never seen anything as intriguing as this!”



In Buffalo: I woman comes to my booth with her four-year-old daughter, wearing matching dresses. I said, “When I was little I remember my mom made matching dresses for her and my sister. It was blue and white with sailboats on it. She smiles and replies, “You can BUY them now...”




Lady: “Any of these pictures have a wiener dog in them?”

Me: “no”

Lady: “Oh! I want to picture of a wiener dog for my bathroom“



Thank you for bringing a smile to all of us.



“I’m only looking for big art”



“You are warped and twisted. I like that in a person”  - A greeting from a lady passerby at State College.



“ I’m entranced by your shirt” -Man at Potbelly


“ I think it’s my favorite thing I’ve seen ever“ Young woman at Arts Beats and Eats ‘21


You’re like a crackhead. - Woman at New Hope, PA


This may be the most uniquely creative thing I’ve seen since I don’t know when - New Hope 2021


You must be fun to live with




“Do you want to take advantage of me?”

Said by a volunteer who was checking to see if I needed a booth sitter before the end of her shift. As I cracked a smile, she immediately put her hand to her mouth and broke into laughter.



A well dressed woman and her husband rush down the street and enter my booth at 4:45pm to  buy a couple of prints they had picked out earlier in the day. “We just came from a party”, she said. “We heard the show ended at 5 and didn’t want to miss you”. As I’m writing up her order, my booth walls entirely empty of art, except for the print bin out front that they were digging through. “Actually, it ended at 4”, I said.


  • “Your coworkers are very cute” - Woman at the Three Rivers Art Festival 611/21

  • “You’re making my mascara run now” (Woman tearing from laughing)

  • My face hurts from looking at them. They’re so stinking cute. Ann Arbor 7/15/21

You must have great dreams – Alexandria 2021


Quote: “Wow, I always thought these were just paintings“ - After realizing the frogs were photographed alive.


“Sir, I have a question. What happens if I call that number? Eight six seven five three  oh ni… Oh, I get it” (Slapping his forehead) - After reading the number (867-5309)  on my Men's Room photo.


I'm at a show six hours from home that's never been put on before, and a five-year-old girl says to her dad, "I wonder if the Frog guy will be here?" - Artoberfest 2021


“Look, it IS a real frog! Oh, I love it so much now!”


“They are piss hilarious “ CC Grove 2022


I don’t care what you said, They’re not real.


“That’s so sweet. I’m going to cry. I can’t believe it.” Booth neighbor at Bonita 2022, watching the video.


“This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Juno Beach 2022


“You must’ve smoked a lot of pot” - Juno


Frogger: I’m not sure that’s right. Have they seen what happens?” Juno


This is the coolest thing I’ve seen here all day! It’s so freaking cool. 3 Rivers 2022


Every one is a surprise. I love it!  Columbus


That must be the most fun art I’ve seen in a long time.


You must think differently. Talbot Street 2022


Oh my God this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!


You are the greatest. 


“ I didn’t know they were such big drinkers” State College 2022


This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Girl about 14 at State College


Oh my God, these are genius


“This is an art fair memory” Ann Arbor


“You’ve got the patience of a God”


This is my absolute favorite booth at art fair every time


“You know, I’ve never really looked at a frog like this”


Crime Scene:  “I know he did it. It’s always the frog.” Loring Park security officer 


“Can we just make our new apartment, the frog apartment?”


 This man is doing everything right in the world


Thank you for making me laugh today


Quote of the day (yesterday):


Lady describing my work to her 10-year-old boy, "Here, this one's skiing, this one's riding a motorcycle, this one's on drugs… "  - Elmwood


This is legitimately the best thing I’ve ever seen. Elmwood ‘22


You’re crazy, man! - Arts Beats & Eats 22


I love these. These made my day. Arts Beats & Eats 2022


You have a great vision, my friend. Very meta.


This is the best thing in the world. 


Tree frogs: they’re just like us.


I’d like to spend a week inside your mind. - Black Swamp 2022


These are crazy cool. An 8 year old girl. Alexandria 2022


This is incredible! We’re enjoying ourselves so much.


His booth alone is worth the price of admission. - New Hope 2022


This is the busiest art fair stand I’ve ever seen. - New Hope


You win. Best booth in the whole show.


I wanna be you when I retire.


Startled while watching video: “He jumped! He jumped, and then I jumped.” Artoberfest, 2022


That’s so adorable. Are you having fun in life, or what? - Mount Dora 2023


“I heard about these frogs from the moment I got here.” Mother of two kids, 8 and 10.


I think you’re weird… In a good way. Bonita 


Like carpenter ants, you have carpenter frogs. - Artigras 2023


A concept very well executed.


You have a great sense of humor. You must be a hoot… Or trouble.


Gasparilla 2023


Oh my God you are to die for


I haven’t been dating the guy long enough to justify $95


That’s super cool, man. A cop after seeing my crime scene photo. - Juno beach


You’re amazing. You’re amazing. Artisphere 


There’s lots of terrific Art here, THIS is the most fun, for sure.


This video’s killing me


You have made everyone here happy. Everyone here is smiling because of you. 


Your brain is fabulous. You have an amazing brain. 


Hey, man, you are the funniest person here today.


I’ve never bought art before. This is my first one. (Bong) Boy about 18


This frog is a blast! 


We just found out that you have the best job in the world. 


You are the most creative person I’ve ever met


That is the most clever thing I’ve ever seen. I love it. - Belleville.

You must’ve had a wonderful life.  you’re still having it. 


My mind is blown right now. 


Look at the frogs. They’re like people.


Thank you for making me laugh today. 


You’ve been the talk of the show. I hope you know. 


I guess if you were really into frogs, you’ll be getting a hard-on into that (in there?)- Harrisburg 2023


Him: "Are these paintings?"

Me: "I can't paint"

Him: "You may not be able to paint, but you’re more creative than anybody I ever heard of." - A man with his wife at Harrisburg.


This is my favorite thing


I never felt so passionate about art. 


Does this mean we’re art lesbians now? Young female couple buying art together.


You’re good. You’re really good. You really know how to do stuff.



That frog is more behaved than most kids. Three Rivers - 2023


Sir, this is genius. You’re a talent. 


This is the; Country toads take me home.


Her: Do they have names? 

Me: I call them Felix. 

Her: ALL of them?!?


Elevator is not coming earlier


You are


They seriously bring me so much joy   




A young woman stops at the booth and says “you don’t have a frog on a wheel…?“ I made a, really? Are you kidding? Kind of expression on my face. And she proceeds to tell me a story about her friend at work, who once said “I’m just a cog in the wheel“ “And I heard - I’m just a frog on a wheel” “And so now she often says I’m just a frog on a wheel”


So I said “wait, I do have a frog on a wheel”. She says, really!?! And I pull out the unicycle. She bought it immediately.


This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. This is the best Art I’ve ever seen.


I’ll never forget these. They’re always my favorite here. - A Young lady


You are very talented, despite the humor behind it. This is very impressive. - A Young lady


I like your sense of style. - A middle-aged man


You’re crazy, man. You’re a crazy dude. - A Middle-aged man


I’ve seen your work long enough, I need to own some of it. Talbot Street 2023


Does anybody ever come in here and not smile?


These are so ridiculous. I love them.


I could hang out here all day. 


You have an incredible sense of humor. 


this is unique. Truly unique. 

I highly doubt someone (else) has this skill level … or patience, I assume. - A woman


They make me giggle, awesome.


(50 shades of green) “the only red lights are their eyes“


Barbells “It reminds me of the boy at the gym who skips leg day” (because of the scrawny legs and large upper body) - young woman


Little girl, talking to dad: “if you were a frog, this is what you would look like“ (mountain bike?)



Little boy about 4 “I don’t care, (which one) I’ll take any one from that store“.  State College, 2023.



This is the best thing in the world! Twentyish girl, Ann Arbor, 2023 


“I didn’t, even know I like frogs until I came here.” Woman teacher.


Ya got a thing and went with it, dinch ya? 


“This is my favorite booth every year. I just wanted to say that.”



In Ann Arbor, the mother of all art fairs, adjacent to the University of Michigan.


Me, to a group of female students towering over me; “Are you guys in sports or something? You’re giants!”

Five girls in unison “We’re on the basketball team”.


An 8 year old girl: “this is the best thing I’ve ever seen“


Some guy: “If they were fish, they’d be working for scale” 


A young man I spotted carrying one of my friend, John’s rubber ducky photos: This is my third year in a row getting ducks and frogs. It’s a running theme in my apartment.


“Your patience must be impeccable.”


“Coolest decoration in my room“ Young woman


“You have the best job in the world”  - Young lady


A five-year-old boy, “Are you famous?”



“It’s like Barbie, only with frogs.” - Loring Park 2023


“He’s just exploring the world.”


“You’re very funny. Very artsy, yes, but very hilarious.”  young woman.


An older guy commenting on my bong photo, about next week’s full legalization coming to Minnesota: “(I) won’t have to hide out on the patio anymore; just fire it up. My Neighborhood is full of retired pot smokers.”


“I think this is the happiest booth.” A lady.


“This is genius. I love this so much!”Young woman


You might be my favorite person here. Uptown., 2023


I saw you last year, and I regreted it all year not buying one. 20-ish woman. 


“My budget alliance with this one”


That’s one of the most creative things I’ve ever seen. That’s awesome.  Middle-aged woman.


We’re in love with the frog 


Frog joke of the day: 

So a scientist is it is a lab with a frog. He tells the frog to jump, and the frog jumps. It takes out his pen and his ruler, and he makes a note; Frog with four legs jumps 3 feet.

So he cuts off one of the legs, And then he tells the frog to jump. The frog jumps. Then he notes; “three legs, frog jumps, 2 feet.”

So it cuts off another leg, and he tells the frog to jump. The frog jumps again. He makes a note, “2 legs, frog jumps, 12“. 

So he cuts off another leg, and tells the frog to jump. The frog jumps 6 inches. He takes out his pen and notes; “one leg, frog jumps, 6 inches.”

He cuts off the last leg, and puts the frog down and tells the frog to jump. The frog just sits there. He takes out his pen and writes down; Frog with no legs: “deaf”.




T-shirts and kudos from Arts Beats and Eats, September 1-4. Happy birthday mom, I love you.



“I’m pretty sure what my last words will be: 

“well shit, that didn’t work.”


This guy belonged to a bike gang, which consisted of him and his buddy. They called themselves, ‘The infamous frog riders’. 



Frog Riding Old Guys.







“I’d come back every day just for this.”


Her: Your cat looks a lot like my cat, Bob. 

Me:: You have a cat named Bob? Her: His name is Lucky Bob, actually. I found him in a dumpster on Friday the 13th, so I called him Lucky Bob.


Alien Abduction

“Just the fact that you think of that. And then put it on paper. It’s amazing.”


Watching the video: 

“Wow. That is timing at its core! That is amazing.”


“I love them all. I don’t know which one to get.”


Can I come do this with you?

 - An 11 year old boy


“There’s so many booths to go by and it’s, ehh. Then you come here, and it’s hilarious, that’s great.”


“There’s nothing better than a frog playing Frogger.”

  • A man passing by, talking with his wife.


“I’m not done with you yet. Please keep doing what you’re doing.”

  • a teacher. 


“What a cool way to capture a moment, man. That is amazing!”


“You have, by far, the coolest booth I’ve seen.”


You are an icon, sir. Black swamp 2023 college girl.


“Sir, I want you to know that you contributed to my life in a romantic way. Last year I met my, now fiancé, here at your booth.  He made a joke, and I laughed. Then he said “Oh good, maybe I have a chance with this girl”


You are not right. An older lady.


This is so clever. We came just for this this year. A young woman. 


Your timing has to be spot on!


Smile every time I go to Kfc now. Thank you.


I’am going to smile every time I go in my office now.  thank you


Thanks for making this Art. It makes me happy. 


I think, watching the video is one of the reasons I had to buy it. And your chitchat last time. Middle-age lady.


You look like you have one of the most fun and frustrating jobs ever. 


Tremendous work. We’re very impressed!


I look forward to this booth every year. It’s my favorite one. A young woman


This is probably one of the coolest booths here 


Him“ really cool”

Me, what??

Him: watching you Ride. It’s really cool“

Volunteer on a golf cart at Armonk


 We don’t usually like photography, but these are cool ones.






 - Louisville 2023


Greetings from Louisville - 2023


“I’m at my favorite booth.” A previous visitor/customer.


“We’re so obsessed. You make us so happy.” 


“This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s hysterical.”


“There’s nobody else in the world doing this, right? That’s what I love about it.”  (Even before finding out the frog is real.)


“They look like 3D pictures here.”


“That thing looks so 3D it isn’t even funny!”


A girl, about 16, walks right up close to my picture on the wall. I thought she was trying to listen to my photograph with her ear up against it. She was looking at it from an angle, up close.  “I was making sure they were flat because they look like they’re popping off the page” 


“Are you responsible for this? Everybody that walks by laughs.”


“I literally love these!” A Young woman


“You’re kind of my favorite person who ever walked Earth.” - A twenty-ish girl.


“You might be the most talented person here. And this (video) is a great way to explain it.” - A young woman


“That’s so dope!” - A Six year old girl


“Here’s a video of them ‘doin it.” - A man.


Her: “You are very fun and playful” 

Me: “I should put that on my singles site.”


Her: Did you bring the frog with you?

Me: No, but I brought some pictures.




HIM: is it just one frog?


HER: what are their names?

ME: Felix

BOTH AT ONCE (3): All of them?

ME: Yes  :)



I have never smiled so much till I started walking through. Looking at these frogs. 




 Of all the booths we’ve visited, yours has made us laugh the most. 



You must have the patience of a snake, with that frog. 




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